Revive! Auto Innovations prospers in credit crunch

The credit crunch has not affected Revive! Auto Innovations, as people turn to the SMART (small to medium area repair technique) franchise to transform their old cars.

In July, 2008 the industry reported a 13% fall in new car registrations. The rise in living costs and the economic instability is having a negative impact on new car sales. According to the Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the declining figure clearly reflects the constant worsening in customer confidence due to the economy. A large number of people are turning to Revive! Auto Innovations repair franchise to remove scratches and scuffs from their used vehicles to make them look like new again.

In July 2008, franchisee Paul Brimelow launched his Crawley based franchise and noticed that public and car dealerships were interested to use his repair service since a lot of people could not afford to buy a new car. However they could afford to spruce up their used car. Dealerships contact Paul because they are selling more used cars and customers want the scuffs touched up before they make the purchase. This factor has enabled Paul to earn great profits from his franchising business.