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Right at Home Conference - 2014

Allen Hager, Founder, Right at Home Inc.
"Coming here and sharing with the franchisees in the UK is a really extraordinary experience. I can still remember, vividly I was sharing with my wife 19 years ago, our very first client, almost exactly to the day, was 19 year ago. Then within five years from that, we had our first franchisee meeting, where we had about 30 people coming together, and it's such a great reminder of what a people-business this is, as I talk to the franchisees, as they are sharing their challenge, their successes - the things that are going well, the thing that they are tasked to do now - it really does bring it back to what an immensely personal, hands-on kind of business that we are in."

Ken Deary, UK Master Franchisee
"I wasn’t to get all the franchisees together, all networking with each other, all understanding where we're going as a company - Right at Home in the UK - and where the care industry is going, because the two combined give a great future for our franchisees."

John Houghton, Franchisee, Right at Home Derby
"The conference, last night and today, is providing a great opportunity to meet and network and get to know the rest of the community. That's the biggest benefit of being part of a franchise - is you can talk to people in a casual environment - at the bar, in the formal meetings etc. - and get to learn what they are doing in their businesses, understand that they face the same challenges that you face, on a day by day, and share ideas as part of a group. That's really the key difference, as opposed to setting up on your own, and a major benefit of setting up as a franchise organisation."

Paul Trinder, Franchisee, Right at Home Bristol
"Being in this for less than a year, I think having the ability to listen to Ken, trying to reinforce what it is that we are trying to do, the support that's there, is really important, because the firt year is tough and it's nice to know that you are surrounded by people that have been through the same thing. It's nice to hear from Ken, that the support is there and it's nice to get a little bit re-focused on the big thing, and ignore the little things.

Tim Haigh, Franchisee, Right at Home Sutton and Epsom
"It's great to be at this year's conference, mainly because we don't get a chance to see other runners in the network and find out what their challenges are, what successes they're having and what we can learn from each other. So it's fantastic to be in the same place as everybody, for the first time, in a long time."

Ruth Solomon, Franchisee, Right at Home Harrow
"It's been absolutely brilliant! I've only been open for a very few weeks, so it's been quite inspirational. It was packed with information and it was just wonderful to hear of franchisees that have been going for quite a while. Also, I've learnt so much about marketing, and some of the presentations themselves were so good, I think I picked up things that even I will use in my own marketing as well."

Joe Guishard, Franchisee, Right at Home Cardiff and Newport
"Today has been very influential. I'm meeting a lot of people from different organisations that can support the franchise that can also influence our business moving forward in growth and development. That' really fantastic. The thing about this industry is you don't want to stand still, you want to look to improve and improve on quality, and I feel here, some of the people that we've had doing discussions, having chats, it's really been influential to what I believe long-term business."

Ken Deary
"Because we are, undoubtedly, the right people. We are not racing at this, we are going to get the right franchisees in here. We are the right people, doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons. The future is most definitely care at home, with Right at Home. Thank you."