Rising mobile with Autosheen!

Chris Hughes, a former mobile phone salesman, says that he has learned a lot since joining Autosheen Professional Car Cleaning franchise a couple of years ago. Now a married man, Chris already has a flourishing business to his credit. Since joining the Autosheen franchise, Chris has found that forward planning and flexibility are successful antidotes to the recession.

Since leaving school, Chris has always dreamed of having his own business and after five years of earning sufficient money for investment while gaining work experience, he decided that it was the right time for him to start making money. He recalls that he had a friend who used to work as a valeter in a local garage but there was no mobile valeting service in his area. This got him thinking.

He then realised that he would need to invest in specialised kits, professional products and a van. And he had no specialist knowledge of how to wash to a professional standard. Chris also said that there were a number of other issues affecting him like marketing, advertising and pricing structure.

Finally, he reached to a conclusion that his best chance for success would be to invest in a well known franchise with a proven track record and a comprehensive package. While looking at many alternatives, the Autosheen franchise opportunities ultimately emerged to be the clear winner. Chris said, after launching the franchise, his business took off very quickly.