Risk of potential franchisees being put off

Many people who are thinking about starting a business can be put off because of the country’s economic uncertainty. New start up businesses struggle financially at early stages and there are companies that do not make it in the first year of their business.

The franchise system reduces the risk and can be the difference between failure and success. Swisher Hygiene is a franchise which offers and motivates dynamic entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a profitable business for themselves.

Swisher Hygiene is the UK’s premier hygiene solution company and has successfully franchised in United Kingdom since 1997. Swisher offers weekly sanitising services and complimentary products to commercial washrooms and kitchens making them clean and smelling fresh and also hygienic.

Chris Beal, Swisher’s Leeds franchisee, said that since the new management has taken over their products, the product line has increased tremendously which enables them to reach out to a much larger number of potential customers. This will make them reach far beyond the traditional pub and restaurant market that they currently cater towards. This will provide them an entry into a more reliable market sector which can be serviced for a long time.

Swisher is always keen to meet people face to face to discuss the opportunities that are within its franchise network. They are exhibiting at the forthcoming National Franchise Exhibition.