Rochester-Based Franchisee Recalls Why He Chose Auditel

Kirk Smith - Auditel Rochester“A well-established consultancy provides a valuable service through economic ups and downs” Rochester-based Kirk Smith is one of the new Affiliates who has recently joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise. Smith had held a variety of roles in Business Development. Recently he was an Account Director for a company that provided HR Solutions, Risk and Capital Management.

Smith recalled: “I chose Auditel as it is a well-established consultancy providing a valuable service through both the economic ups and downs. It enjoys a high standard of exclusive methods, tools and technologies. There is proactive and ongoing support, both from the centre and from a network of people with distinctive specialist skills.”

Asked about the training, Smith replied: “It was very helpful in obtaining a broad and detailed knowledge of Auditel’s exceptional Total Cost of Purchase® process. I gained an insight into how client relationships were obtained and how sound solutions are delivered to them. The session where we learned how to meet client objections was very good.”

The Auditel cost management franchise now has more than 200 Affiliates who have joined since 1997. They have come from a wide range of management professional backgrounds. As Paul Stafford of the British Franchise Association (bfa) confirmed: “One of franchising’s key advantages is the ability to train people with little or no experience in a specific field. Transferable skills become all important and this is perhaps truest in the management franchise category. Their experience is the perfect background for a prospective franchisee.”

Auditel’s Network Development Director, Matt Sidwell, agrees with Smith that the support provided by fellow Affiliates to each other is immense. When clients appoint us, they gain access to our whole network of specialist consultants. Their wide-ranging industry knowledge and insight ensures that expert advice is given across all areas of expenditure at all times. We deal with all the business sectors including, education, business services, restaurants, retail, manufacturing, hotel and leisure, charities, transport, finance, legal, ecommerce and media.

Sidwell said: “There are still opportunities to join our franchise and we shall be very happy to see you at one of our free Discovery Seminars and answer any questions about franchising and building a business as an Auditel Cost Management Consultant.”