Rooferman starting 10 new franchises by 2009

Every business organisation has to start from the scratch by opening a showroom or store. Rooferman was such a company when it first started its services. Overwhelming response from customers prompted the Managing Director, Chris Hopkins to expand the company on the national platform by opening up franchises.

This year, the first ten franchises shall be brought onboard by Rooferman after providing them with a lucrative reduction of £7,000 in the preliminary investment. The new franchises shall all receive an extensive training program through which they will be taught all the required skills to carry on the business with success.

Being well equipped with latest technological training all the franchises are sure to provide services that will satisfy the customers. The jobs to these franchises shall be provided by a centralised call centre.

It is the aim of Rooferman management to get 100 new franchises by the end of five years. Becoming a franchise of Rooferman can offer an annual turnover of up to £100,000 with a profit potential of as much as £40,000. Both the amounts can be doubled in the later years with a little extra effort.