Rosemary Bookkeeping Welcomes First Franchisee Of 2013

Rosemary Bookkeeping is off to a flying start this year and is proud to announce the launch of its first franchise of 2013, to Mike Wallace, who will be assisting his clients with their bookkeeping in Reading.

Wallace has worked as a Finance Director in the photographic industry for many years. He started as a technician but quickly moved up to be a business controller at AgfaPhoto. In 2005, he and three colleagues bought the business services division and founded A&O Imaging Services (UK). After successfully operating the business for seven years they sold it in 2012 giving Wallace the freedom to embark on a new endeavour.

“I started to look for new employment opportunities but joining a large corporation didn’t fill me with excitement. So while I was looking for possible new jobs, I came across a bfa advert promoting the opportunities of starting up a franchise. Franchising appealed to me because it gives me the chance to run my own business, but with the support and guidance of an organisation,” explained Wallace.

The Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise now has over 20 franchisees nationwide, servicing the SME market of over 4 million businesses in the UK. The franchise is based on a business concept that has been established and refined since 2002 providing a unique bookkeeping system within a fully supported franchise package. Franchisees obtain huge flexibility with superb work/life balance potential.

Wallace added: “As the Finance Director of A&O Imaging, I had been looking after the books for our company since it formed, so when I found there were bookkeeping franchises available, I started to look at this more seriously. Having done some investigation into the various franchises in the market, Rosemary Bookkeeping appealed most to me. Their system is based around Sage Accounting software, which I have been using for the last six years. They also provide comprehensive training as well as marketing and sales support that I knew I would need as I start up my business. I am now looking forward to the opportunity to work with clients from a number of different businesses, as well as to be my own boss.”

Rosemary Bookkeeping has recently opened up more territory opportunities in the Midlands, North of England and South East. For more information please click here.