Run your own business – take the plunge with a franchise

Working with any established brand makes it easier to start your own business. Many working people are making fortunes by switching over to respectable and profitable franchises.

Gabrielle Lixton took a break from her human resource management career to have her first baby. She came across a business opportunity while attending swimming classes at Water Babies.

Water Babies had started selling its franchises and Lixton quickly decided to buy one in her local area of Berkshire.

Lixton had been wondering whether she should restart her corporate life or her own business. She learnt that Water Babies was a well tested and established business. She shared her thoughts with franchise owners, was impressed with their views and decided to buy a franchise.

In a short span of 30 months, she has expanded her business, purchased her second franchise in Oxford and earned 15 times the price she paid by selling the first franchise.

Lixton realised that there was less risk in buying a franchise to start her own business and acknowledged that because of help in marketing, PR, human resource and health and safety matters from the franchise, she could concentrate fully on her business.

Franchising is gaining popularity as a proven concept and as businesses which can be grown rapidly with minimum risk, even when the economy is slowing down.

The turnover of franchisees grew by 15% and is expected to grow healthily, as predicted by Tom Endean of the British Franchise Association.