Testimonial - Chris Williams

Salon: Rush Chichester - since July 2009

Chris Williams is not only the Rush Chichester franchisee, but he is also the Rush International Colour Director, which provides a constant source of inspiration to his team.

“Not only have I been able to build a career with Rush I have been able to open my own salon in Chichester. I have fantastic support from my salon team as well as all the head office departments, with all this together, the Rush brand has helped aid in the success of my salon.”

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chris Williams. I'm the International Colour Director for Rush and I've been franchisee of Rush Chichester for five and a half years. I've been hairdressing now for just coming up to 20 years, and throughout the whole of my career I've really wanted to have, at some point, my own salon. When I came to Rush, I joined as an Artistic Director and I've been really involved in the education side and that sort of thing.

When I wanted to progress my career, opening a franchise with Rush just seemed like the right step for me. So when I came to opening my own salon, I had obviously the choice of opening my own salon or opening a Rush salon, I looked at the two options. For me, I think that being heavily involved with the brand anyway, you can really see the benefits that a Rush salon gives to you - the training support, marketing support, a really strong name that drive clients in to my salon, right from the minute that I open the door, whereas it could take me year to build that up if I went and opened a salon up on my own. With Rush, you've got that straight away, right from the offset.

When I came to actually opening my salon, as a hairdresser, I'm not always the best businessman, although over the last few years I've learnt to do both, but I didn't really know much about business plans, I didn't know much about getting loan and what I'd need. The Rush guys really took me through it, step, by step, by step, by step, so there's no stress for the person that's doing it; they just made it so much easier for me.

My biggest achievement since becoming a Rush franchisee was winning British Hair Colourist of the Year a few years ago, but my biggest success has been growing the salon. I've got some of my original assistants that now my Senior Stylists and Consultants in the salon, that have built up big clientele, got their own really successful career because of what we have done with the salon. I don't think, really, that you can get much better than that.