Savvy Shoppers Seek Second Hand Surprises

Thrifty brits are saving themselves £495* in the run up to Christmas as they continue to hunt for the perfect bargain in second hand stores.

Savings of at least £100 per item are being made by UK consumers on second hand goods such as iPads, iPhones, PS3’s, Nintendo Wiis and Xbox 360’s as it is revealed that almost half (46%) of savvy shoppers are considering second hand alternatives.

The research, commissioned by international retailer Cash Converters, discovered a common theme in UK consumers’ views on second hand goods. David Patrick, chief executive at Cash Converters said: “There has been a noticeable shift in the attitudes towards buying second hand goods as presents. It may be down to the fact that we offer 60 day warranties as standard across our products so people know if something goes wrong, we will sort it out for them.

“Over the past three years we have witnessed an increase in the number of new customers who come into our stores during November and December on the hunt for a reasonably priced present.”

With the average family spending more than £280**per year on Christmas presents it is no wonder that people are on the lookout for an alternative in order to save money for other expenses that the season requires, such as entertaining friends and family or Christmas days out.

David continued: “We have waiting lists in most stores for games consoles this time of year, it is unbelievable the amount of items that fly of the shelves. We have been collecting and encouraging people to sell us their old consoles over the last few months to ensure we have enough to sell!

“Our spread the cost shelves are also full of goods which stores have put aside for people who are continuing to pay weekly or fortnightly for their items before they pick them up on Christmas eve!”

Cash Converters is the UK’s number one retailer of buying and selling pre-owned goods and a financial services provider, with over 220 stores across the UK. The retailer offers a place to shop for pre-owned bargains, sell unwanted goods for instant cash and provides a range of financial services including pawnbroking, financial services, cheque cashing, laybys and buyback.