Scramble For Areas As Cloudy2Clear Hits Top Gear

Awareness in the Cloudy2Clear brand in the world of UK franchising is growing apace based on the success of their franchisees coupled with support from head office. Not only has demand for the Cloudy2Clear service increased from consumers, yet again, by 94 per cent year on year in February 2013, but the group is also seeing a very high demand for territories as not only prospective franchisees, but also existing ones, rush to take advantage.

Marketing Director Martin Waite explains: "At the start of 2013 we have seen the successful launch of our Cardiff and North Manchester branches, with both areas reporting extremely high demand from day one. Indeed, Phil in Cardiff is already having to look at taking further vehicles and staff on to cope with demand and Neil in Manchester is not far behind. We also have further opening dates in April now confirmed for our Blackburn, Leeds and Newport branches, and our Bristol franchisees, Graham and Susan Bayley, have bought the Taunton Franchise to compliment their already highly successful Bristol branch. This will take us to 32 branches across the country, operating in their own exclusive areas with only another 50 to fill."

While many Cloudy2Clear franchisees are expanding within their borders to deal with the demand that their service is attracting, it is also making many of them think towards buying secondary areas and Waite is urging anyone looking into buying a franchise to take a look at Cloudy2Clear before it’s too late. "Another six of our existing franchisees have had to take staff on in the last two months, to make sure they can service our customers to the extent that they, and us, would expect, with more to follow," he explained.

"We actively encourage our franchisees to build their businesses in a profitable manner to a point where they have the cash in the bank to take on area number two, and then areas three and four. With a service like ours, where we actually SAVE people money, it doesn’t take long; I am appealing to anyone who wants a business that works that if they have been looking at us then not to hang around. Get in touch with us and let’s get an interview arranged and sit around a table to see if your ambitions match ours. If you leave it any longer your area is very likely to go."

This is not just someone talking up their business, it’s a real appeal. Waite continued: "In addition to the new branches already announced, we also have very serious interest right now from prospective franchisees for Barnet, Guildford, Aberdeen, Leicester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Londonderry, Luton and Southampton. There’s no guarantee that all, or any, of these people will come on board in the next couple of months, as their lives could turn on a sixpence at the drop of a hat, but I would say to anyone who has been looking at us, as a serious investment that makes you money, that now is the time to get in touch.

"All the people here are now at the stage of talking to our existing franchisees, something we INSIST upon so they can see what they are getting themselves into. Unless they don’t like the idea of earning money, we decide through the interview process that they are not for us or YOU come along and prove that you are a better fit as a Cloudy2Clear franchisee, then the areas mentioned will go and if you live in one of them and you’ve been dilly-dallying about getting in touch, how will you feel then?"

If you think YOU could take on a Cloudy2Clear area and are looking for a career which rewards you for your hard work, read more information and get in touch here. Just like our existing franchisees whose lives have been changed so much for the better, it could be the best decision you ever make, because our business just could be your future.