Second franchise launched by So Asia

So Asia has opened its second franchised restaurant in Acton after the opening of its first restaurant franchise in Slough.

The opening ceremony for the restaurant in Acton was in an Asian style and was attended by some famous personalities like the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, local dignitaries and more than 300 local businessmen. The inauguration of the franchise restaurant started with a dragon dance that was witnessed by all the present personalities. In the process, the So Asia Acton franchise restaurant raised over 400 pounds for a local charity. On an average, about 2,500 people visited every day to the So Asia Acton restaurant on the first three days of opening.

So Asia Acton restaurant offers a unique oriental buffet which offers variety, quality and value from genuine dishes. They provide delicious dishes from the entire Asian continent like India, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. So Asia Acton restaurant also offers catering for individuals, families, groups, parties and business people.

In November 2006, the first So Asia Restaurant was opened in Camberley. This restaurant is all about the right menu, successful operation, the right suppliers, a well trained oriental chef, modern operating systems and good restaurant design. To expand this brand all over the country, they are looking for potential franchisees.