Seeing The Light With Synergy Solar!

There’s just no stopping Synergy Solar these days. After having a great 12 months, the company has just recruited an independent solar installer as its 7th franchisee. Whereas all the other franchisees have come from a non renewable background, its latest franchisee was already trading successfully.

Its new franchisee, John McCarthy, wanted to become part of a growing brand and decided to join the Synergy network. “I have been working for myself for a long time, and becoming a franchisee actually strengthens my business and gives me access to a wide range of products, at a much lower cost,” said John.

Based in West London, John hopes to capitalise on his new status and sell throughout the London area. He’s already got his first few jobs lined up, purely on the strength of his new status as a Synergy Solar franchisee.

Steve Gaylor, MD of Synergy Renewable Energy group, is pleased with the progress made by the franchise. “It’s great that our business and brand are growing, and recruiting John has made us confident that renewable energy is the future.”

Synergy have recently added a new product, called SKY Shades, which is an ultra thin solar film, especially useful where roofs are not strong enough for traditional glass panels. It will be rolled out to franchisees over the coming months.

So all in all, its great to be part of Synergy!