Shapeup and Go looking out for Franchisees to help get British Women in Shape

The level of obesity continues to rise in mature women possibly because of a lack of fitness facilities. According to a warning given by health experts, by the year 2050 nine out of ten adults will be overweight or obese. This in turn can lead to health related problems with an increase in obesity.  The NHS research shows that people over 35 years of age with a large waist are more susceptible to diabetes. Overweight women are four times more prone to develop diabetes.

Shapeup and Go is taking a lead by announcing the launch of a franchisee opportunity. John Mollart established Shapeup and Go in 2007. John Mollart said that Shapeup and Go aims to help gym-shy women over the age of forty to keep fit and stay active. Women will not need to be image conscious or have a lack of confidence in their ability as Shapeup and Go is a women’s facility that offers a relaxed and fun attitude in working out.

One thing that makes Shapeup and Go unique is that the gym equipment is power assisted. This means a single machine can incorporate resistance and cardiovascular work in one. The franchise package includes full training with initial and ongoing support. John also stated that a background in the fitness industry is not essential, potential franchisees should have a yearning to help women develop their health, lifestyle and mobility. With a total of ten machines, a full body workout can be completed in a single 30-minute session.