Shapeup & Go- A physically and financially healthy franchise

People all over are being made more aware of the benefits of staying healthy and are being encouraged to visit gyms to stay in shape. There has even been research that proves besides improving health, exercise can improve the quality of life and confidence as well. A franchise that is completely dedicated to spreading this message to women is Shapeup & Go, a string of fitness centres that cater to the needs of elderly and less active women.

Shapeup & Go fitness centres provide a non-threatening environment where women can undertake a 30 minutes workout. Within the 30 minutes, customers are allotted a set time on the different power assisted, state-of-the-art exercise machines. Every machine targets a certain muscle group and area of the body to provide a small impact which does not result in unnecessary strain on delicate joints.

Although people are aware of the need to stay healthy and fit, many women face problems when it comes to finding the right environment and type of exercise. This makes places like the fitness franchise Shapeup & Go extremely important. There is a clear gap in the market for a Shapeup & Go franchise.

Franchise owners do not have to worry about starting up as all support and training is provided. Membership fees are taken in advance so you can be sure of a cash flow. Shapeup & Go offers older women personal fitness programmes and figure improvement plans in a comfortable, non- competitive environment.