Shapeup & Go fitness centre shaping up the market

Study shows that regular exercise can improve your confidence, quality of life and health. With the Shapeup & Go fitness franchise, you can help ladies in and near your area to discover the advantages of exercise. John Mollart, Managing Director of Shapeup & Go, says that they have made their mission to create a non-threatening fitness environment that can address the needs of less active and older ladies.

The Shapeup & Go workout just takes 30 minutes, during which time is spent on power-assisted and state-of-the-art exercise machines. Every machine is specially designed to target a particular muscle group and body area and so provides low-impact exercise which does not cause any stress on delicate joints. The effort produced by every machine varies according to every exercise programme of individual members. It also ensures that they can safely work towards their final goal of fitness.

Most of us are very well aware that for long term health we need to be active all the time. It can be quite difficult for some ladies to find the right environment and appropriate type of exercise. Excessive weight, lack of exercise and poor diet can account for nearly a third of cancers in western countries. Some research also suggests that low-impact activity of a fair intensity is as successful as high-impact activity and greatly helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Shapeup & Go is an excellent franchise opportunity that has a lot of potential for success. So if you are thinking of starting your own franchise business and like to stay fit, Shapeup & Go might just be the right choice for you.