Shoes Galore franchise opportunity

According to a recent survey, around 50 per cent of women own 30 pairs of shoes and the footwear market in the UK is worth over 6 billion pounds a year. Shoes Galore exclusively design shoes and accessories and have found a unique way to tap into this important market. They have their main business in Spain and Italy and a small family owned business in and around Europe.

Shoes Galore operates a family friendly business and is the only franchise shoe business of its kind in the UK. Many different events like charity and corporate events, home parties and shoe fashion shows are organised and run by women for women. £4,900 (plus VAT) is the initial set up fee which includes retail stock of just over £3,600. Shoes Galore offers a franchise agreement with no monthly fee. The risk factor is low and the initial franchise fee is affordable.

The prices of shoes are very competitive ranging from £19 to £79. Therefore, all the customers purchase these unique products in small quantities.

According to Nicola, bookings for September and October parties are taken into consideration. Nicola used to earn £450 to £500 per month when she used to work for 20 hours per week, now she is happy to work for 40 hrs per month.