Skinny Love: Why Health and Fitness Franchises Are More Popular Than Ever With Adoring Customers

Obesity in Britain is a big problem. News pages are regularly filled with articles condemning fast food, supermarkets and confectioners for irresponsible selling without alluding to any real solution or intent to curb this national trend.

The peculiar element about rising obesity is that no one actually wants to be obese. Irrespective of the life-shortening health issues that come as standard with the obesity package, being overweight often leads to social exclusion and deprivation.

Health and fitness businesses then, offer something that the world wants universally – health and fitness. If you could bottle weight-loss, it would fly off the shelves. It is only the perceived effort needed to ‘stay in shape’ that puts customers off, but this is changing.

Particularly in the franchising industry, innovation in the health and fitness industry is helping previously overweight people achieve the incredible body shape results they had only ever dreamed of. One glaring example is sásta, the truly revolutionary fitness franchise that has developed machines that make exercise four-times as effective for the customer.

Another is A-Star Sports, which helps children develop sports ability in a friendly environment so they are not instantly put off physical exercise by ruthless competitiveness or being forced to excel at the expense of enjoyment.

In the case of sásta, franchisees have been tremendously successful because of the sheer quality of the product. In the case of A-Star Sports, franchisees have been equally prosperous because of the quality of the service. The end result, however, is the same in that customers are fitter, healthier and inarguably happier.

Along with the satisfaction of making a real difference to the lives of others, the financial rewards of becoming a health and fitness business owner are impressive.

Premier Sport, a children’s sports coaching franchise, boast that in 2012, one franchisee achieved a turnover of £750,000 with a team of over 40 coaches in more than 100 schools. The limit to the potential earnings in most health and fitness franchises is set only by yourself, as in most cases, health and fitness franchisors encourage multi-unit owners who are ambitious and driven.

By investing in a health and fitness franchise and delivering a good service, you can affect the lives of your customers positively. Instead of standing by idly watching obesity levels rise, if you can, do something for the good of your community and your bank account. Invest in a health and fitness franchise today.

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