SMART ABC franchise owner Terry Langham shares his experience

The SMART ABC franchise aims to invisibly revamp minor damages to a car’s paintwork at an affordable price and in less than an hour. The launch of Terry Langham’s SMART ABC franchise in Chelmsford has met with early success, which a delighted Terry attributes to the support of his family and the hard work of the SMART ABC business team.

Terry was previously a tanker driver, until he decided to become his own boss and build a business of his own. Comparing this previous employment to the work he is doing after starting the SMART ABC franchise at the beginning of June, Terry believes he has made the right decision. He started the business so that he could spend some extra time with his family, but he claims he wouldn’t have been able to proceed without their full support. It was their belief that gave him the confidence to progress with his plans, and he has never looked back.

On the day of the launch, Terry was feeling very nervous as he arrived at his local supermarket to set up for the planned launch promotion. However, his anxieties vanished when the first two customers who received quotes made a booking, and after three days, he had quoted £36,000 worth of repairs and confirmed bookings for the next three months.