Smart Car - prize for Cash Generator franchise

Kevin Old is more than happy these days as he received a fabulous prize on behalf of the store - a brand new Smart Car for winning the company competition of promoting Cash Generator’s new First Prepay Mastercard. All the staff members of Cash Generator’s Bournemouth franchise are thrilled with this appreciation. Now they are planning to sell the Smart Car so that they can distribute the profit equally between them.

Kevin Old’s team received the prize of a Smart Car as they worked extremely hard to endorse the company Prepay Mastercard. Julia Urry, Managing Director of Cash Generator, said that the entire company was dedicated to recognise and reward this achievement by Kevin’s team.

In the next six months, Kevin is planning to open another Cash Generator store. Kevin said that he will be aiming to match the same standard of his Bournemouth store.

Cash Generator was established in 1994 and is the UK’s leading sell, buy and loan store that offers a superior selection of brand new and pre-owned items for sale. Cash Generator also offers a host of extremely competitive financial services like cheque cashing and currency exchange as well as instant cash for goods.

Cash Generator is on a franchise as well as company owned basis. They currently have more than 80 stores all through England, Wales and Scotland and pledge to offer straightforward and simple services.