Smoothie up for an expansion

Smoothie, originally founded by Lord Claymorris, is implementing specific strategies via events promotions, licensing and franchising for its expansion in the UK market. This company has already sold 24 franchises and is planning to utilise these funds for further expansion.

Smoothie is a drink that is made by blending fruit and fruit juice. The Smoothie market in the UK is now worth around £134 million per year. This data represents a significant growth over the past one year and an astounding 523% in the last five years. During the previous year, there was a consumption of around 34 million litres of Smoothie in the UK whereas in 2001 it was only 6.3 million litres. Mintel forecasts that the sales volumes of Smoothie will treble by the end of 2011.

Smoothie has a wide appeal as it serves as a healthy alternative to any other soft drinks. There has been a tremendous increase in the demand of health products, especially in the UK and Smoothie has served the purpose in the best manner possible. In the UK, more than 20% percent of adults are obese. The government is stressing the need for consumption of natural products that includes fruit juice. Health campaigns are also being organised and Smoothie is getting the benefit.