Social Media And Selecting A Franchise

Picking a franchise with a strong social media presence could be a good indication of projected success.

One of the UK’s leading digital marketing consultants, Scott Dylan, has predicted that small and medium-sized businesses will begin to interact more proactively with consumers who are constantly connected.

For years now, social media has been a hot topic in the world of marketing – however if it is done wrong, it can be seriously damaging to a brand. As a result of these changes in the modern business world, social media consultants have become professionals in demand.

For franchise investors, evaluating a company’s social media presence can be tough but it is certainly a factor worth considering – the more a brand establishes interaction with a customer, the more a brand will be in the mindset of a customer when they need the services of that business.

Computer giant IBM recently released figures indicating a massive 82 per cent of all global consumers, aged between 18-64, embrace connected digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets. These staggering statistics allude to a majority market that can be accessed by franchises through successful social media campaigning.

Scott Dylan says: “Social media is the easiest way to connect with those who are always on because it is quick and easy to schedule posts and keep accounts updated. I think that we’ll see more businesses, particularly small and medium businesses, that need any commercial advantage that they can get use social media in this way.”

Scott sentiments echo the trends of the marketing world – that social media is big business if used correctly. A good indication of a forward thinking company is how well the brand interacts and transmits its company message to its customer base. Before investing in a franchise opportunity, a brief look over a brand’s social media output will never be time wasted.

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