Some facts about a franchise business

The chairman of Peterborough based Drain Doctor Plumbing, Freddie Mitman said that there was no such thing as a bad franchise, only a bad franchisee.

It is important to consider the potential area of the franchise when looking to join a franchise business like Drain Doctor Plumbing.

A look at the books may point to previous underachievement of the franchise. However this does not mean the business cannot succeed in this area.

Mr Mitman said that they have a system at Drain Doctor that guarantees success when followed correctly. The franchisees that do not follow that system always fail and the technicians and franchisees who keep to the system always succeed.

For instance, In January 2006, Kevin McLernon took over the County Durham and Sunderland Drain Doctor franchise. The franchise was struggling to earn £1,000 per week but Kevin and his team were able to turn that around by following the Drain Doctor system. At the end of the year Kevin was able to increase this turnover six fold. Kevin knew the initial turnover of the franchise because he looked at the previous owners books before he took over the company.