Sonic Golf club in the UK

Recently the Sonic Golf national expansion programme has signed contracts with some of the chief golf companies in the UK and has received an extra boost with the company. This year Sonic Golf is recruiting 10 to 15 franchisees to capitalise on their success.

Sonic Golf founder, Joel Bissitt publicised that they have 56 locations in the UK and have signed contracts with Marriott Hotels, Belfry, and Leaderboard group, De Vere, Crown Golf and the Club Company. Sonic Golf’s main concern locations are for East Anglia, Midlands, areas of Wales and Scotland and the South West of England.

Golf club cleaning machines are at the centre of the Sonic Golf business. This cleaning machine uses ultrasonic technology which is superior to other cleaning methods. Golf clubs are supplied with a minimum 5 machines that are operated by the franchise.

Sonic Golf also provides a Mobile Licence Opportunity. Franchisees that select this choice are provided with tools to operate golf club cleaning within the region on a mobile basis.

Eco Buggy License is the most recent opportunity of Sonic Golf which was decided after communicating with thousands of golf professionals across the UK.

Joel said that to run Eco Buggy and Sonic Golf franchise, they are looking for single-unit and regional franchise partners. These franchisees can run together and can be sold combined to golf clubs.

Sonic Golf provides both classroom and field training course which is conducted at Sonic Golf head office. They also provide franchisees with ongoing field and marketing support.