Sports Xtra say it is a great time to launch more franchises

According to Sports Xtra, the children’s sports provider franchise, this is the ideal time to join the business. The company said that during this economic downturn there has been an increase in demand for traditional leisure and child care providers.

Managing director of the franchise company, Gareth Lippiatt said that they were concerned about how the unfavourable economic climate would affect business. However, most of the clients of the franchises are part of the important public sector services so most of the turnover rate has remained constant.

Since people would need to spend more time working during the economic downturn, many parents are using the service as a child care provision. This has increased the projections for the company’s franchise owners. He also said that while the company was empathising with other businesses that have been having difficulties during the present economic time, it is the ideal time for Sports Xtra to provide more franchise opportunities.

Over the past eight months, one of Sports Xtra’s franchise owners reached a turnover of about £100,000 and has even taken up a second territory. There has been a consistent growth in the interest for the opportunity to open a franchise and it has resulted in nine territories in total being franchised.