Annual Franchise Conference A Great Success

The annual conference took place in October and once again it proved to be an extremely useful event for both franchisees and head office.

Taking place in the Midlands, the vast majority of franchisees traveled to the venue the night prior to the event and were welcomed to dinner to meet other franchisees and staff from head office.

Karl Lewins, Business Development Manager at, commented: “It's great that we have these's events, it's really important for franchisees old and new, to meet one another to put names to faces, share ideas and generally get to know how other people do things. It's also important for us at head office to continually meet with franchisees to understand what is going on at ground level.”

The day itself started off with news and updates from head office, informing franchisees what they can expect to see over the next 12 months, as well as an overview of the company performance as a whole. Karl added: “Because of the fast paced industry we are in, it is essential for us to keep ahead of the game and we need to let our franchisees know what is going on and what new developments we have planned so they can liaise that to customers and potential clients.”

Following the updates from head office, franchisees and staff broke off into four different workshops, covering various aspects of the business. In the afternoon, two guest speakers took to the stage to deliver presentations on various aspects of sales and networking. Finally, the day ended with a general questions and answers session from franchisees to the head office panel.

The day was a great success, franchisees and head office staff took lots from the event. Days like these really help to build a strong franchise company and are also invaluable to further develop the product offering, then in turn the whole business for everyone.