Brian Cox - Favouring Franchising To Self-employment

In 2010 Brian Cox started his own business selling products online, but found most of his time was being taken up with the technical aspcts of the business rather than turning his sales and people skills into revenue.

Enjoying the benefits of being his own boss, but wanting to spend more time doing the things he enjoyed, Brian looked at franchising as an alternative. “I wanted a way of getting to market with an established name, with proven technology, and hopefully superb backup, and one that could leverage my sales experience, my technical knowledge and my love of meeting and interacting with people.” Having looked at a number of options it was that ticked all Brian’s boxes and continues to do so. “I can’t fault the support both commercially and technically that I have received to date” says Brian.

As Brian reaches the end of his second year as a franchisee, his client base is now almost 3 times what is was at the end of year 1 “my clients often recommend me to their contacts … it’s a business network that if nurtured correctly will continue to grow.”