Graham Nicklin - From Managing Director To Franchisee

Deciding to invest in a franchise is always a big decision whatever your background, but turning your back on a leading role in a highly successful company to go it alone would strike many as a crazy thing to do...but Graham Nicklin did just that!

Prior to joining Graham was the Managing Director of a successful web based company but he decided to move away from the comfort of an employed role and instead explore a franchise opportunity. Wanting to stay within the web based sector but have unlimited residual earnings, he chose to become a franchisee.

It was a decision that he has not looked back on. “It was a big risk moving from a Managing Director of a successful company to working by myself, but the team at head office has proven to be an incredible support for me and the move into the franchise world was the right choice. In just over two years I have more than 100 clients” says Graham.