Oliver Brock - Proving The Spoton.net Business Model

When Oliver Brock joined Spoton.net in 2009 nobody could have predicted just how successful he would become.

Shortly after Oliver completed his training with the team at Spoton.net he signed up his first client, very shortly followed by his second. Then, in his second month of trading, Oliver had tripled his first months sales. In just over 18 months Oliver had sold 100 it’seeze websites. His rapidly increasing client base meant he soon outgrew his home-office and now operates his business from an office apartment.

So how did he do it? “I built up my business by getting out there and listening to what different people do and then seeing how I could help them. As my client base grew so did the number of referrals. I am now in the fortunate position where I don’t have to look for clients as people just come to me wanting an it’seeze website” says Oliver.

Oliver recently celebrated gaining his 300th client proving that Spoton.net is indeed a proven business model.

Video updated March 2015