Phil Revill - Success In The Making

Phil Revill only joined last year but has already begun to see the fruits of his labour.

In his previous employment role, Phil had become tired of working long hours and travelling long distances but at first he was reluctant to consider a franchise career. “There is a bit of a stigma attached to Franchises. I’m sure some are a joke, but there are a few Franchises that are commercially well thought out and have very good products to offer. It was only when I came across that I realised this.”

Since joining the franchise less than 18 months ago, Phil has already developed a strong client base and his rapid success lead to him winning the ‘Best Performing New Franchise’ at the 2013 National Conference. But what is the driving force behind Phil’s success?

“Nothing motivates me more than when I get a call out of the blue from someone who’s heard from a satisfied client about the service I offer!” says Phil.