Web Experts Expand Via Franchise Model

Spoton.net is one of the UK’s leading web build and internet marketing specialists. With a wealth of experience and a sought after brand, they decided to enter into franchising five years ago to expand their business.

The UK Franchise Directory caught up with Matt Baines, Franchise Director at spoton.net, at the 2013 National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham to find out more, beginning by asking him to briefly introduce spoton.net.

“We’re a website and internet marketing franchise,” says Matt. “We first launched our brand product which is called ‘It'seeze’ 10 years ago. We rapidly built up a very large and loyal client base and decided to franchise five years ago. We’ve now built a franchise network of 35 franchise regions all operating in the UK. We’re looking for more which is why we’re here in the franchise exhibition here today.”

We went onto ask Matt why he sees the franchising model as being so beneficial to the spoton.net business.

“For the franchisee, the main benefits are that they get to use somebody else’s successful business model. They have all the training provided in terms of the package and it really enables them to start their business in terms of building a customer base right from day one, without having lots of business preparation. So it really works for the individual. It’s a sort of mid-position between being employed and starting your own business. So it’s a very successful business model.”

What are the key benefits of franchising with spoton.net?

“Well the key benefits of franchising as far as we’re concerned is that it allows us to expand fairly rapidly, but more importantly for us people will invest in their own future and so it means that we sleepvery easily in our beds at night knowing that we’ve got a mature, sensible business person who has invested in their own business operating in remote locations, so it works for us in many, many ways.”

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