Spreading health, globally

The Revive chain is all set to grow. Revive, which sells a range of hot and cold smoothies and other guilt free snacks is now gearing up for the launch of stores in Kuwait and other countries like Qatar and Oman.

The chain, established by Christian Lehmann and Matthew Beesley four years ago, has grown at a rapid rate since the launch of its first store in Wimbledon.

The concept is apparently a hit since Christian has been approached by operators all around the world who have shown interest in bringing the concept to their country. Now that people are more aware about their health needs and demand has risen, Revive is delighted to have made the right choice by working with the FDS team to find their Master Franchisees.

Kuwait is a small country. Despite this fact, the consumption of food and beverages is high and since the people are now also more health conscious, demand for health products has risen favourably. The new concept of healthy eating has now gained immense popularity in the Middle East. Fadil Alnassar who is the CEO of FWM conducted massive research into health products out of which Revive emerged as the winner and in December 2007 the FWM group was appointed as the MENA Master Franchise for Revive.

Two stores of an initial 20 store development programme have already opened in Kuwait.