Start a sustainable business of your own

David Reid Homes has launched its proven franchise system. It is one of the highly regarded brand names in the U.K. It offers a unique service with an opportunity to motivate individuals in starting their own business for the long term.

David Reid Homes was established in 1993 in New Zealand and started to franchise in 2000. David Reid Homes further expanded in Australia in 2004 and there are more than 60 regional offices across Australia which are owner operated. The company is one of the most accredited home builders having won hundreds of awards. It also holds the most prestigious 2007 National Master Builder Award of Queensland (Australia).

David Reid Homes operates in the self build market. If people are given the choice many people would not want to live in a home that is just the same as that of others in the close neighbourhood. David Reid Homes provides an opportunity to individuals to design their dream home.

David Reid Homes are not developers. They use their award winning designs for inspiration. They build homes according to their client’s specification. They believe that a change in the market conditions can benefit their clients. The cost of living as well as the market drought is rising which can have a great impact on property prices.

Developers and market builders are hit hard with the slowdown in the sales of homes, making it a good time for people to build their dream home.