Stenders is looking to expand into the UK market

Stenders is an internationally successful franchised retail concept that sells a range of exclusive products through the channels of Latvian health and beauty retail experience. Stenders shops will carry a theme that reflects the cultivation of nature. They also have special furniture made entirely from natural wood to compliment their theme.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone in the UK because the rent rates are at their lowest. Moreover, Stenders is a brand which already has a presence in twenty two countries worldwide. They also have the highest quality product range which includes handmade soaps, cosmetics and other important beauty products. The trademark of Stenders is that all these products have been made using natural ingredients.

Stenders is also looking to set up its stores all over UK and for this; they are looking for possible franchisees and area developers. It is also looking to set-up in-store concessions in some of the major department stores.

This makes it an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in a venture which will give them a whole lot of benefits over a period of time. Stenders is an excellent brand to work with. Moreover, their range of all-natural products will also go down very well with the consumer.