Stenders: One of the most exciting retail concepts in the cosmetics sector

The Body Shop was launched in 1976 and since then the demand for cosmetics has increased. According to a survey conducted recently by the Co-operative Bank's Ethical Consumerism Report, consumer expenditure on ethical cosmetics has increased by a sharp 22 percent since 2005.

High street stores in the United Kingdom now host an array of ethical cosmetic retailers. Consumer demand has been growing at a consistent pace for ethical and natural products that include Urban Decay, Lush, Aveda, The Body Shop and L’Occitaine. The Body Shop is manufacturing and selling home made natural bath products and other such accessories to develop a unique branding for the respective products. The shop environment has been designed in an old fashioned way to distinguish the brand from other competitors within the ethical cosmetic industry.

Stenders is also seeking franchisee candidates in the United Kingdom. They are looking for franchisees that are dedicated and have an interest in running a profitable business in the cosmetic and bathing products industry. Stenders will provide full training to its franchisees.

Stenders was founded in Riga in 2001. Stenders has 160 shops in more than 17 countries like Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Baltic States, Ukraine, Japan, Luxemburg and more. They have already created a brand value for themselves and are all set for further expansion.