Subway UK and Heart Research UK encourage its patrons to lead a life free of heart ailments

Last month, Subway UK made an announcement that it had entered into a strategic relationship with the UK’s leading charity Heart Research UK. This partnership was started in order to make the people of UK more aware of what they are eating. This partnership also encourages people to eat healthily and eat right. This partnership between Subway UK and Heart Research UK aims at providing more healthy choices for patrons eating at Subway. Heart Research UK and Subway will also embark on a fund-raising campaign in order to raise funds for Heart Research UK. This money will be used in heart community undertakings and medical research.

According to reports, Heart Research UK is advising the patrons at Subway to choose one of their low fat subs in order to promote the advantages of a healthy heart and healthy eating habits. Heart Research UK says that Subway is committed to offer its customers healthy meal options in order to be healthy and to help with weight loss. By choosing a low fat sub at Subway, Heart Research UK believes that people who eat regularly at Subway will be able to lead a healthy, fit and fast paced life free of any heart ailments.