Success Breeds Success For LIPA 4:19

The Wanstead LIPA 4:19 franchise opened in Norht East London in 2009, run by its Principal Michael Da Silva Pearce. Da Silva Pearce was perfect for the role: he had a teaching background and still worked full-time as a teacher in a local secondary school.

Managing and running the LIPA 4:19 franchise provides Da Silva Pearce with extra income towards his retirement. Since the launch of the Wanstead Academy, the number of classes has increased exponentially. Da Silva Pearce has opened a second academy, running parallel to the original and doubling the number of classes - these new classes are steadily growing towards full capacity and Da Silva Pearce may add an afternoon session and specialist classes during the week, featuring ballet and tap.

Da Silva Pearce is constantly surprised at the rate his franchise is growing and how its appearance is changing. His enthusiasm becomes apparent as he describes his immensely satisfying experience. “I made it happen myself, with training and support from LIPA, and this has given me valuable experience and greater aspirations for my business,” commented Da Silva Pearce.