Sweep of the century

The UK branch of Jani-King International, Jani-King UK, recently acquired a new pan-European master franchise from their parent company.

The agreement entrusted Jani-King UK with the largest geographic area ever entrusted by the parent company. This agreement by one of the largest and most successful contract cleaning franchisors, is one of the biggest ever.

By this agreement, Jani–King will see the launch of its franchise in 23 new countries within Europe in the next ten years.

As Ian Thomas, the founder of Jani-King UK, signed the agreement with their parent company president, Jerry Crawford, he proudly stated that Jani-King UK have continually proven that they can run successful and highly profitable territories even in cut throat markets like the UK, Spain and Ireland. He expressed his delight in being offered the opportunity in pan-European markets. He said that customers have already expressed their interest in the pan-European service, especially in the retail sector.

Jerry Crawford said that the Jani-King parent company had complete faith in their decision and were confident that Ian Thomas would live up to the company’s expectations. He further confirmed their trust by saying that the UK branch was the only master franchisor that had made improvements in the already successful Jani-King model that was also adopted in the US.

In order to aid international growth, Jani-King is securing partnerships globally which also includes relationships with industry bodies. The International Franchise Association (IFA) is Jani-King’s partner of choice here in the UK.

Jani-King, which was founded in 1969, has over 120 offices spread over 17 countries. With the help of regional support offices, Jani-King manages contract cleaning serives commercially for industries such as healthcare, offices and sporting venues.

Jani-King has consistently topped the list of commercial cleaning franchises over the last 20 years. It ranks as the world’s biggest cleaning company, with 12,000 franchise owners worldwide.