TaxAssist Accountant – Franchise solution to tax and accountancy

Phil Marriott joined TaxAssist Accountants in December 2002. In the past six years has had to perform several duties including tax returns, book-keeping, cash flow projectors, PYE, VAT and accounting. He said that he was attracted to TaxAssist Accountant as the services were in large demand.

Tax and accountancy are two complex and dynamic areas due to the ever-changing legislations. Smaller businesses often need technical support or advice to keep them up to date. Phil operates a shop front style premises in Loughborough. He said that despite his reservations over the cost, the overall outcome has been excellent.

The brand support allowed him to portray a larger business image. Also, because of the smaller practice and lower price structure, he became a real winner with clients. The ongoing training that is provided by BPP professional education was vital for towards the success. The support structure at TaxAssist Accountant for the franchisees is just right.

Phil made the decision to acquire another shop because it was too good an opportunity to be missed. Phil used the services recommended by TaxAssist Accountants shop fitters, Hemera Workplace Solutions. Phil said that Hemera completed the new shop front in just over 3 weeks.