TaxAssist Accountants score big in the October training course

TaxAssist Accountants are one of the premier accounting outfits in the United Kingdom. Only last month, Tax Assist Accountants had their highest number of recruits in one training course since 2005. On July 10th this year, many new franchise owners took part in the TaxAssist Accountants course while the new recruits will take up to 165 territories.

TaxAssist Accountants provide taxation as well as accountancy to small and medium sized businesses. TaxAssist Accountants have seen a major surge in the October training course and has a total of six deposits slated for other new territories.

David Paulson, franchise recruitment manager states that there is little doubt that the recession has generated a renewed interest in franchising with a lot of people looking into franchise buying as a lucrative option. He further states that TaxAssist Accountants have become very popular in the recent months because of their reputation as an award winning franchisor. He further states that people are attracted to TaxAssist Accountants because of the sizes of their network and the strength of the TaxAssist Accountants brand name. Dace Paulson says that when people check out the TaxAssist page in the franchise directory, they are always impressed by the business module of TaxAssist Accountants.