The Baskin Robbins franchise model is suitable to all franchise owners

The Baskin Robbins menu includes a sprawling spread of ice cream waffle cones, grab n go tubs, premium ice cream cakes and a full range of various frozen and ice cream drinks which include shakes, blasts and a new and exciting range of soft serve ice creams. Every Baskin Robbins store in the United Kingdom stocks a minimum of 31 flavours. The ice cream recipes which are present in Baskin Robbins are selected from their inventory of over 1,000 recipes.

Baskin Robbins, America’s favourite ice cream store is looking to extend its reach in the United Kingdom by offering franchise options of single stores and small network alternatives for every store concept. The perspective franchise owners should have a considerable amount of experience in the food related sector. Baskin Robbins is looking for franchise owners with considerable experience in running their own customer centric business.

Baskin Robbins is looking for franchise owners who can cater to the traditional aspects as well as the modern aspects of the Baskin Robbins ice cream experience. While the modern experience consists of ice cream indulgence and dessert theatres, the traditional Baskin Robbins module consists of the full range of Baskin Robbins ice cream with an option of eating in or taking out.