The benefits of franchising

Franchising appeals to different people for a variety of reasons. For Gavin Teasdale, who runs Autovaletdirect in Wakefield, it was the amount of support that came with franchising that attracted him to the prospect. He liked the idea that, as a franchisee, you could rely on the franchisor for backing and support every step of the way.

Gavin was also attracted to franchising because of the fact that there was already an established brand name to work with. Customers already knew that the company could be relied upon and that it did the job effectively, so Gavin did not have to build up a reputation on his own.

Having been a retail manager for 20 years, Gavin had a lot of skills to transfer over to his franchising job. But to get him up to scratch, he also benefitted from two weeks of training from his franchisor as well as other franchisees.

Gavin points out that there are certain risks associated with beginning a franchise, but that the benefits of it really outweigh these.

He is really enjoying his adventure with Autovaletdirect and is looking forward to developing to even further by building up a regular customer base.