The benefits of having a My Time franchise

My Time is an award-winning counselling and psychotherapy franchise in the UK. My Time’s national counselling network and access programmes have been tried, tested and approved across 10 European countries and the UK.   My Time, with its head office in the Midlands, is an innovative counselling service. One to one counselling and unique yet tried and tested therapeutic learning programmes are included in its service.

To become more readily available in cities throughout the UK, the franchise package responds to new government legislation. This is a programme for massive expansion.

My Time aims to overcome language barriers and bridge cultures, since the UK is becoming so multicultural - religion and ethnicity does not matter.

An individual who has been depressed for one reason or another is supported by My Time’s programmes. Inspirational group sessions and one to one counselling are included. Group sessions include activities like gardening, art, music and IT. Development of new skills in the client is encouraged by My Time’s specialised programmes.

My Time helps you to be an optimist and to get along with other people so that you can live your life to its fullest. My Time believes in ‘taking time out for you’. It is an organisation that believes in forward thinking.