The best feeling in the world can be yours too

Autosheen Professional Car Cleaning, the leading mobile valeting franchise, is enduring the gloomy economic situation and continuing to shine and brighten the lives of its franchise owners.

The valeting market space is huge and there is a great market share that is still untapped, making it possible for new franchise owners to join and enjoy running their own successful business. There are very limited valeting companies that offer a truly professional and high quality service and this is what sets Autosheen apart from other untrained and unprofessionally run companies.

For instance, take the example of Michael Muncey, who worked as a parcels delivery driver for 15 years and wanted to benefit from the long working hours he put in every day. Initially, becoming an Autosheen franchise owner seemed like a big risk for Michael, as he had never done anything like this before and wondered if he had taken the right decision.

Michael admits that he looked at a number of other options but ultimately selected Autosheen because of its professionalism and strong support system. All franchise owners of Autosheen are fully trained to provide the best valeting services, which includes tyre dressing, clay barring, and the application of protective coatings to upholstery and paintwork.

Autosheen Professional Car Cleaning takes great pride in providing the best support to its network of franchise owners. Its business model has been successful for the past 25 years and has offered many hardworking people a fabulous opportunity of building their own flexible, satisfying and immensely profitable business, at an astonishingly affordable price.