An In-Depth Look At The Cleaning Franchise Sector

Cleaning franchises have remained one of the most resilient since the economic downturn began in 2008. Last year, contract cleaning alone had a market value of over £5 billion* and the domestic cleaning industry is believed to be worth £3 billion.

There are many reasons why people hire cleaning companies, ranging from those who are disabled or elderly and cannot physically do the cleaning to estate agents who need to ensure that the houses on their books are attractive to buyers and renters. The fact that for many employing a cleaner is not a luxury but a necessity has meant that many cleaning franchises have continued to perform well despite the economic downturn.

Opportunities within the cleaning sector range from management to hands-on businesses, and encompass domestic, contract and commercial cleaning. Most require a relatively low investment level, usually between £10,000 and £30,000 and can often be run from a home-base office.

The diversity of opportunities within this sector, from oven cleaning franchises like Ovenclean to car valeting franchises, such as Autosheen, means that there are no specific skills or experiences needed to operate one and most franchisors will have their own criteria. Despite this, all cleaning businesses will require the franchise owner to be dedicated and prepared to work hard. As well as this, franchise owners will usually be expected to build up relationships with their customers, so being a ‘people person’ is vital to operating most cleaning franchises.

The cleaning sector is unique within franchising in that it offers both hands-on and management franchise opportunities. Franchise owners of some cleaning businesses, such as FiltaFry, will carry out the physical work themselves, while other franchises, for example Molly Maid, involve the franchise owner managing a team of cleaners. For those who opt for a management cleaning franchise, having the ability to people manage is essential.

Some, especially commercial cleaning companies, will have contracts with large companies, which provides new franchise owners with customers from their first day of trading. Others, such as Dublcheck, enable franchise owners to buy in at a guaranteed turnover level.

Whether they require franchise owners to be hands-on or manage a team of cleaners, all franchisors should provide full training and support. Another benefit of investing in a cleaning franchise is that there is higher brand recognition and good marketing backup in place. Many franchises within this sector supply cleaners with branded uniforms and branded vehicles, all of which helps to increase company awareness.

The cleaning section on this website provides information on a range of cleaning franchise opportunities that will suit a range of budgets and opportunities, so whatever type of cleaning business you are looking to own, you are sure to find something that interests you.

*Contract Cleaning Market Report – UK 2011-2015 Analysis