The End Is Nigh With "Help o Buy"

It is widely speculated in the mortgage world that the H2B project, sponsored by the Government and the driver behind first time buyers coming back to the market, is about to be curtailed early.

There doesn’t seem to be many reasons being given for this decision, but again speculation is rife; some say an election tactic, some say no money available, some say it is as a result of the market reaction, there now being 95 per cent facilities available without the Government support.

One thing is for sure, the Private Rental Sector has seen the benefit of the buyers inability to buy and has increased from what was - 11 per cent only five years ago to 16.5 per cent now and predicted to reach as much as 20 per cent by 2020, which will no doubt increase further without the support of the mortgage guarantee schemes, as we all need somewhere to live.

Go Direct Lettings franchise operators are seeing this demand from the front line, with tenant demand up week on week. The group is also supported by the ability to sauce properties for their many investors which are a funnel back into the core business of each franchisee.

Jane from Go Direct Lettings North Wirral Branch commented: "Although the last 12 months has been the most challenging year for me due to personnel issues, my business has grown and grown and I am really looking forward to the next year with real excitement.”