The growth of Cartridge World

For a moment, consider the environment we are living in. You will notice the drastic improvement in the IT sector. In the western world, almost each and every person has a computer either for their business or for home use. Computers require printers, printers require cartridges and cartridges require toner or ink. They are interlinked with each other. Here is where the role of Cartridge World comes into consideration. Cartridge World is an ink cartridge franchise.

The core business at Cartridge World is in remanufacturing laser cartridges and refilling inkjet cartridges to meet this high demand. Cartridges are filled using high quality toners, components and inks. This is not only a cost effective approach (i.e. consumers save approximately 60% compared to the cost of a new cartridge) but also an environmentally friendly method. In 2000, seven million laser printer cartridges and 40 million inkjet cartridges ended up in the UK. These cartridges take more than 450 years to decay.

In February 2001, Cartridge World opened its first UK store in North Yorkshire in Harrogate. Now Cartridge World has more than 250 stores functioning across the UK. Cartridge World has also been opened in more than 63 countries such as Singapore, USA and Australia.