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Getting It Done Together!

Interface is different – we are there with you!

In a maid service franchise, the franchisor is not out cleaning houses.
In a hair salon franchise, the franchisor is not styling hair.
In a senior care franchise, the franchisor is not out buying groceries.

In an IFG 50/50 franchise, however...

The franchisor, Interface (IFG), is right there with the franchisee doing the paperwork and making it happen — it’s real time hands-on syndications — funding small business, and getting it done, together.

  • IFG provides short-term working capital to small businesses that find it difficult to obtain conventional funding by purchasing selected invoices at a discount
  • IFG Franchisees work primarily with small, expanding companies that find it difficult to attract conventional funding
  • IFG Franchisees earn an above average return on their working capital

IFG 50/50 franchisees buy assets — they do not lend money! The asset they buy is an account receivable (invoice). The franchisee buys an invoice at a discount of its face value and holds it until payment, usually 40 days. At the end of the credit period the IFG franchisee receives payment of 100% of the face value of the invoice. The discount is the franchisee’s income.

As long as there are new businesses – and growing businesses –
there will always be a need for IFG’s invoice discounting service!

Interface Financial Group

More Than 40 Years of Invoice Discounting Experience Translates Into An Unmatched Franchise Opportunity!

IFG has been in the invoice discounting business since 1972, and is the leading alternative funding source for small business – providing an in-demand and much-needed financial service. With 40+ years of experience in the business, IFG provides franchisees with a proven system, thorough training, a comprehensive risk management programme, and a management team with 400 years of combined financial services experiences – they are just a call away, and they are getting it done with you.

Leverage Your Capital

Interface Financial Group

  • All transactions are syndicated with IFG – you and IFG equally share the risk and the reward
  • If you’d rather 'leverage' your capital, you can 'borrow' capital and still earn a discount income on your half of the transaction
  • The ROI is really outstanding, either way!

We Do The Paperwork!

Interface Financial Group

  • You have the initial contact with the prospective client
  • We review the client’s financial standing
  • When the client is approved for funding – we do all the paperwork for the transaction!
  • You maintain the local relationship with the client

Earn Referral Commissions

  • Client’s funding needs don’t quite fit in the 'IFG box' – we have strategic alliances to solve that
  • You earn referral commissions on those transactions!

Interface Financial Group

Low Overheads

  • No shopfront to lease, rent or maintain – work from your home office
  • No inventory or special equipment to purchase and maintain
  • No employees to hire, manage, or fire


  • Work full-time or part-time – you’re the boss so it’s your choice
  • Use IFG as a transition vehicle – keep your current position and gradually build your IFG business until you’re ready to leave ‘corporate’ life
  • Integrate other business services you currently provide – as long as they are not in conflict or competition with IFG

Interface Financial Group


  • Work with business-to-business (B2B) companies
  • Work with local companies – there’s no extensive travel
  • Work professional hours – 9-5 weekdays


  • Want to spend winters in a warm climate and summers in a cool climate? It’s easy to do with IFG
  • Want to relocate? It’s easy to do with IFG

Because IFG is a relationship business, the following are vital to success as an IFG franchisee:

Interface Financial Group

  • Excellent communicator
  • Decision maker and problem solver
  • Relationship builder
  • Self-disciplined
  • Marketing and sales oriented