The Local Bookkeeper - for small and medium sized businesses

After taking the decision to become a franchisee, individuals are often confused when selecting a market to operate in. Hence it is wise to select a business that still has a high demand or is enjoying an increasing demand which can last for a longer duration. The Local Bookkeeper franchise is the best example of a business that is experiencing high demand even during recession. The main aim of this franchise is to help small to medium sized businesses manage their finances in a better way. These days, small and medium sized businesses need better management for their finances in the form of professional financial help since banks are limiting facilities for small and medium sized businesses.

Business finances are taken care of by The Local Bookkeeper by providing a value based and highly professional financial management service. These services include management accounts, bookkeeping, payroll services and a credit control service.

Paul Dawson worked as an account manager for a law firm but realised that his job was not too challenging. He was looking for an opportunity and finally decided to join The Bookkeeper since he was impressed with their franchise’s values and philosophy.

The franchisees receive constant support from The Local Bookkeeper to overcome their problems.