The Local Bookkeeper offers financial services

One of the leading financial management franchises, The Local Bookkeeper has recently launched a recruitment drive. The franchise is on the lookout for talented franchisees who can offer an excellent customer service. They also need to have some experience or other related qualifications in the field of finance or accountancy. Right now, the company has a total of nine signed franchisees in UK. The company is also in a process to start its expansion programme campaign with other franchisees that are situated in Ireland and North America. The Local Bookkeeper is also offering all small and other medium sized businesses a set of financial services at a reasonable price. This includes management accounts, traditional book keeping, credit control and other pay roll.

According to the marketing director of The Local Bookkeeper, Alex King, there are many small businesses that are able to find out how their performance was only after they receive their end of the year accounts. Thus a business can make necessary changes and experience profits in the long run. In the current economic climate, it is very important to know what exactly has been happening with the costs and cash flow as fast as possible.

He further added that the company is also focussing on financial transparency so that the customers get the best results. With all the up to date information provided, all the franchisees can understand their performance which further helps the franchisees to grow.